The Easy-Bar Crank is an ergonomic handle created by an expert with many years of trucking industry experience.

Solid and Resistant
The 14 gauge steel structure coated in electrostatic paint and the cast steel head provide incredible durability under the toughest climatic conditions, year after year.

Safety First
Forget the backaches, muscle strains or other forms of injury caused by using conventional model handles. The innovative concept of the Easy-Bar, inspired by the rotative movement of the hand drill (brace), allows male and female truckers to work in a perfectly straight and safe position.

Easy to Use
Its ergonomic 2 hand operation requires minimal effort, allowing the trucker to complete the task quickly and easily.

The Easy-Bar can be used in 2 positions
The Easy-Bar position or the Standard position. (The standard position doesn't allow the operator to benefit from the maximum ergonomic advantages of the handle.)

The Easy-Bar fits most trailers thanks to its adjustable adaptor.

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